Course 160: Enterprise Risk Management: Adding Value to Your Organization

Date: 30-11-2023 to 30-11-2023 Time:01:30 PM Course Duration:2.5 Hours Venue:ONLINE Key Subject Category 1:Risk Management Key Subject Category 2:Corporate Risk Overview:

This course is intended to educate and train professionals on the role of the risk function within an organization, and its effectiveness in acting as a second line of defense within the organization’s governance structure. The course will look into the practical implementation of risk and risk management, highlighting the main stages of a robust enterprise-wide risk management process.

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Course 164: Practical Issues of Carrying Out a Credit Assessment

Date: 30-11-2023 to 01-12-2023 Time:01:00 PM Course Duration:5 Hours Venue:ONLINE Key Subject Category 1:General Key Subject Category 2:Risk Management Overview:

The most important characteristic of a good line of credit afforded by a credit institution to an applicant is that is gets repaid. This requires a credit assessment process that could include profiling, economic stress testing, risk, financial and business analysis, and collateral availability. This course will address the credit proposal assessment process and give key practical insights to help attendees to carry out good quality assessments which will result in good mutually beneficial business.   Note that the course times will be:    30 November  09.00 - 11.30 hrs  1 December    13.00 - 15.30 hrs 

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Course 227: Tax and VAT Reporting Issues

Date: 01-12-2023 to 04-12-2023 Time:09:00 AM Course Duration:6 Hours Venue:ONLINE Key Subject Category 1:Financial reporting, tax and vat Overview:

The course aims at providing participants with the fundamentals of income tax regulations in order to enable them to understand the process of arriving at the chargeable income for tax purposes. It will look into allowable and disallowable deductions, reporting obligations as well as an overview of the refund mechanism for companies. It will also address VAT which is bound to affect us at some point in our business lives; what may seem as straightforward often hides unexpected complications. The session will seek to address the basic concepts that underpin the application of Value Added Tax in a day to day context. It will delve into various aspects of VAT which include the place of supply rules and the application of the reverse charge mechanism; recovery of input VAT and partial attribution as well as other practical aspects including invoicing, reporting obligations and applying for VAT refunds.  

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Course 306: Financial Markets Compliance and Regulation

Date: 05-12-2023 to 07-12-2023 Time:10:00 AM Course Duration:9 Hours Venue:ONLINE Key Subject Category 1:Regulations and Compliance Overview:

This course aims to offer participants an overview of the regulatory and compliance landscape by introducing elements of the AIFMD, MIFID, and UCITS directives. Students will be provided a foundation to be able to understand financial regulation and compliance requirements of an MFSA licensed company. The course will explore the optimal compliance structure of a fund or management company including their basic legal structure, the fiduciary duties of a board of directors, investment committee, MLRO, and compliance officer. Furthermore various AIFMD policies will be discussed including risk management, remuneration, valuation, insider dealing polices, etc.

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